Tasnim Dawjee shares 4 tips to eat healthy and feel fabulous

Tasnim Dawjee shares 4 tips to eat healthy and feel fabulous

Eating nutritious food is a challenge for so many people in today’s world because unhealthy food is readily available everywhere and our bodies have become addicted to the unhealthy fats, salt and sugar loaded in processed foods. Making a habit of eating healthy daily is not so difficult: once you start eating healthy and feel fabulous, then you will start loving healthy food.

Have you ever thought why doctors always recommend eating healthy food when you are not well? It’s because it’s packed full of so many nutrients, which are beneficial for our body, and fights off and prevents diseases.

As Tasnim Dawejee says, “After eating healthy food, I personally feel energetic and active all the time! Even after suffering through different serious medical conditions, eating healthy helps my body to recover quicker so that I’m back to feeling fabulous for my followers!”

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After reading these benefits, you might be thinking how I eat healthy and feel fabulous. Here are four of my personal tips:

1. Decrease the consumption of unhealthy fats

Firstly, reduce your consumption of unhealthy fats gradually. We need to prepare our body by slowly reducing the amount of unhealthy fats we eat.

2. Consume less salt

Too much salt leads to diseases and causes high blood pressure. Reduce your consumption of salt to prevent disease and maintain a normal blood pressure.

3. Consume sugar in a limited amount

Having too much sugar leads to obesity, diabetes, low blood pressure, and many other chronic diseases. Sugar should only be eaten in limited amounts. If you still crave those desserts or chocolates, look for healthier alternatives that contain less sugar but still satisfies those cravings!

4. Eat more fiber and drink more water

Fiber is one of the main nutrients which should be added to our diet as it has so many benefits. We find fiber in foods like oats, whole grain rice, and some other fruits and vegetables. In addition to eating more fiber, you should also drink lots of water to prevent constipation. Plus drinking more water daily has numerous additional health benefits that will make you feel and look fabulous.

Tasnim has one last comment: “Eating healthy food is not much difficult, but a person must start from somewhere. If you too want to have a healthy lifestyle, then just follow my four tips, and before you know it you’ll be feeling fabulous too!”.

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