Incredible food blogger ‘Firas Kazma’ plans big for 2023

Incredible food blogger ‘Firas Kazma’ plans big for 2023

Firas Kazma who is today the one of the best epicures as well as a businessman in the Middle-East, is one of the quickest growing food bloggers, currently based in Dubai. As a restaurant and a food specialist, Firas has reviewed thousands of restaurants and food dishes in the UAE alone.

Instagram occurred to Firas Kazma just as a new thing in life in 2019, and his first updates were of sharing his personal daily life posts. In the mid-2019, Firas began taking food photography for restaurants. The year 2019 saw another big turn when he started his own food blog ‘CEO Street Food’, obsessed with the country’s diverse culinary culture. The love for food has been with him for long, and Firas has visited many countries and explored their culture while learning a lot. Moreover, he is a creative soul who transforms his ideas into the content that he creates on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, where all of the platforms have garnered large number of followers till date.

Firas Kazma’s life through social media has changed totally, where he loves to create content in food and travelling niche and still stay true to himself. His audience reaches out to him to enquire about the good restaurants in the UAE, or even the best places for trying burgers, pizzas, etc.

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He reveals that eating while travelling was something he always loved and visiting different countries definitely encourage him more to create content around it. He loves to drive for hours, from one city to another, just to try something that’s worth his travel and time.

“Recently I am doing more video content through Instagram Reels, and that’s when I could express myself as a true food blogger. I just can’t hide my pleasure indulging in food and drink,” says Firas Kazma.

Well, Firas Kazma’s food blogging skills is not only limited to his IG page. Moreover, he has his own portal (The CEO Street Food) which showcases his latest posts and also connects foodies with restaurants.

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The portal will officially launch its two big tools ‘Foodo’ & ‘Restro’ later in July. Foodo helps everyone in searching food reviews done by the renowned food blogger Firas Kazma, whereas Restro covers the restaurants marked as top-listed places to visit by Firas Kazma.

Today Firas Kazma has definitely taken the F&B industry in GCC to the next level, and everyone are inspired by his work as a credible source of food and travel recommendations.

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