Dubai based entrepreneur Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi AKA ‘G-Wolf’ says ‘health comes first’

Dubai based entrepreneur Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi AKA 'G-Wolf' says ‘health comes first’

Many individuals think about fitness as a concern that’s reflected with just a body that has six-packs. Moreover, few other individuals believe that muscles reflect the fitness of individuals.

What do you think? Is it correct?

Fitness is mainly reflected by their appearance. however, majority of the individuals thinks that massive biceps size is an excellent sign to identify a personality with great vigor.

In relation to fitness, Dubai based entrepreneur ‘Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi’, who is one of the most successful and renowned entrepreneurs in Dubai recently stated that “without good health you’re a nobody”.

Dubai based entrepreneur Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi AKA 'G-Wolf' says ‘health comes first’

Furthermore, Abdulrahman also added few ideas to motivate his followers to follow up with his diet & routine to accomplish success along with a healthy lifestyle.

1. Stay happy, stay healthy

Happiness is one of the best life factors that can boost your mind! Be it cycling or jogging, but you need to stay happy if you want to stay healthy.

2. Set goals

Many people overthink, resulting in neglection of setting up realistic goals. However, taking 6 small steps is far more easier than taking one large step. Thus, divide your large goals into smaller clusters, and mark the progress.

3. Never regret or punish yourself

Improving fitness is not a 24-hour process. You need to take smaller steps. Start your fitness plan with a fresh mind!

4. Compliment yourself

Compliment can result in giving great motivation to your mind. Moreover it is an unconscious thing. However, if you complete your target fitness goal, offer a compliment to yourself. It will make to take a second step more confidently.

5. Never think you’re alone

Human mind can be compared with an animal mind who loves to live with others in the community. So, when you are doing fitness activities, you might not have to practice them alone.

Go jogging with your friends! Do a sport with them!

6. Take fitness as a ritual

Doing at least one activity is better than doing no activity. So, whatever your age or ability might be, try to do your best. Staying fit is not a piece of a cake. It consists of series of activities. However, it is not a different thing when you do it regularly. It becomes a habit!

“Believe me; you will get addicted to your routine. Moreover, it doesn’t only give physical fitness, but also mental balance. This way you can keep your focus on your business, job, or any other activity because each and every positive step towards your health matters.”- Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi

Fitness is a key factor that keeps us alive! So, maintaining fitness is essential. However, people miss activites because of their busy schedules. As a successful entrepreneur, Abdulrahman always try to take his followers on the correct path. So, start setting your fitness goals with these instructions by Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi and feel the difference!

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