Chef Mohamad Chabchoul shares his journey to becoming “the best chef in Dubai”

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul shares his journey to becoming “the best chef in Dubai”

“Chefs are just like aged wines. As you age, you gain more value by enriching yourself and your skills”

Mohamad Chabchoul

Mohamad Chabchoul, a name synonymous with quality and excellence in the gastronomical arts is someone whom you should know about if you’re not familiar with his professional work yet.

Although Chef Chabchoul chooses to remain humble, and he’s someone with whom we should be familiar. It’s almost impossible not to admire his amazing artistry when it comes down to the food he serves up – but that’s not all there is to the Mohamad Chabchoul’s story!

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There is also the positive energy that helps him juggle running his Instagram profile relatively effortlessly while showcasing his culinary nirvana through appetizing dishes – the nirvana which he strives for every day while remaining dedicated at all times.

As Chef Chabchoul shares his journey and hopes for the future in this tete-e-tete conversation, he refers to his invincible spirit.

Early Voyage

Mohamad Chabchoul’s career began on a quest for knowledge. As he put it, “I continue to recall those long working hours making hundreds of dishes at Eid when I was training to get certified. I had always been fortunate to have good teachers, who taught me my specializations, including gastronomical creations. I found all my true professional aspirations in those lessons. I feel blessed that the skills and talent that made me who I am has enabled me to succeed and be recognized for it.”

Chef Chabchoul completed a culinary curriculum but found his learning curve to be quite enjoyable because he had the opportunity to learn from chefs all over the GCC.

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul shares his journey to becoming “the best chef in Dubai”

As Chef Chabchoul takes a look back at some of his favourite moments with classmates, he says, “Whenever we reunite with old professors and chefs, we discuss and laugh about how hard their assignments were, but it was great to learn new things and develop relationships that have helped us all along our career paths.”

Branching Out

Mohamad Chabchoul, holding strong roots in Mediterranean cuisine, began to branch out from the classics of continental and oriental as well as other cuisines. His intrepid curiosity led him to dabble in no less than 15 diverse cuisines. Yet a renowned chef with Arabian heritage might have found it difficult to ignore the addiction-inducing concoctions of an authentic Mediterranean meal – but Mohamad Chabchoul did just that.

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul shares his journey to becoming “the best chef in Dubai”

“It was never my intention to shirk away from Dubai’s highly sought after dishes since believe me I am equally compelled to stand behind my love for the country and its food,” he admits.

Words of Wisdom

Trying to be an entrepreneur and a professional chef at the same time can feel like you’re swimming against the tide, but the challenges and bumps in the road along the way will feel a whole lot smaller when you look back on it all. Because there’ll come a point where your eyes light up and make you realize that even though there were obstacles, this journey is just so amazing!

He shared, “Even when I was demotivated many times and ended up pushing back in my situation, I never gave up and continued trying until I prevailed. You can’t succeed unless you try after all!”

Balancing Work Pressure & Expectations

Mohamad Chabchoul is grateful to be a part of this enriching and fulfilling industry. There are lots of amazing people who inspire him to keep going every day. He loves his profession because it allows him to work with a lot of great minds, both in-house and throughout the world. With the hard work that he puts in, along with the support of his teammates, he can provide others with an opportunity to turn their vision into reality by helping them create something beautiful that they’re sure everyone will enjoy using!

He says, “I consider myself fortunate to live out my dreams, enjoying my passion and travelling the world. The stress from work may be intense sometimes when I think about all that I’ve achieved thanks to all the support from others and my hard work but at the end of the day when I look back on everything that I have accomplished so far. The whole stress fades away – ultimately, what matters is that I learned something valuable which will now help me in my future endeavors.”

Hopes for the F&B Industry

To uncover the lost and hidden tastes from around the globe, reinventing them and presenting them in a gastronomical way so that people will be amazed and learn more about different cuisines and cultures, and destinations around the world is my main focus.

His Final Thoughts…

When asked if Mohamad Chabchoul travels and cook food all the time, and eat fancy food for days, he quickly signs off, “No matter how amazing the countries are where I travel, or how awesome the projects or operations or functions or whatever maybe,” which shows that even though he spends his days designing gastronomical creations for very prestigious restaurants, concerts, and parties, he still goes home and enjoys his comfort food after coming back.

To know more, follow him on Instagram: @chef.chabchoul

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