Abu Dhabi based food blogger ‘Abdul Aziz’ uncovers hidden food gems in Dubai

Abu Dhabi based food blogger ‘Abdul Aziz’ uncovers hidden food gems in Dubai

Food blogging might sound like an easy task but it requires intense passion, time and dedication on the part of any person. One such example of a successful Abu Dhabi based food blogger is Abdul Aziz.

Abdul Aziz dived into the food blogging world after he realised that his love for food and passion for photography can be paired together. Because of his deep passion for food and traveling, he would click photos of food items at different locations in UAE.

Abu Dhabi based food blogger ‘Abdul Aziz’ uncovers hidden food gems in Dubai

His goal is to seek out all the hidden gems in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that you’ve never heard of. This is what drives him to keep eating between these 2 Emirates, and to keep sharing his love of food. He started out few years back, simply taking photos of food just as a hobby. Using just his phone as a camera, Aziz decided to start a food blog by the name of @livewithaziz.

He’s always been passionate about food blogging, and loves taking photos whenever he goes somewhere to eat. Aziz has also been a long-time fan of watching other food bloggers. Once he started his own blog, he’s uncovered for other Abu Dhabi based foodies, some of the best places to eat, best tacos, spicy burgers, and pizzas around, and he has inspired others to turn their passion for food into their own food blogs.

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Once Aziz began posting on IG, he saw that his posts were becoming very helpful to his followers. His following grew as he began to blog about his favourite hidden gems located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But it isn’t just the secret, hidden gems that he has been focusing on. Moreover, Aziz says he loves that through his IG blog, his followersare trying different ethnic foods that they would have normally not known of.

Today, Aziz has 45k followers, and counting. However, it is his ever-growing passion for trying out new recipes, uncovering unknown restaurants that fuels his passion. But his constant food-exploring passion makes it fun and engaging, for both him and his followers.

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